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                Happy Mother's Day - All Jewelry up to 65% OFF - Only left
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                Silver Rush online jewelry store

                For many years our family have been in the business of manufacturing and trading artisan, fine jewelry. We love it and we have a great respect for the wonders of nature and artistic talents of the inspired Artists.

                In our artisan crafted jewelry store online we offer you semiprecious gemstone jewelry that has been created all over the world by people devoted to their and the Nature's work. Since all of our exceptional rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings are crafted in a single copy, your choice is really yours and nobody will be able to follow you. Let yourself be the exception.

                The best online semiprecious stones jewelry is at our store

                The division into precious and semiprecious stones was only introduced in the mid -1800s. And it has been arousing controversy ever since that split - as e.g. in 2004 the Aurora Australis Opal (a semiprecious stone) was sold for a price over $5500 per carat, 2.5 carat jade of high quality was bought for $25,000 and red beryl gems reached over $10,000 per carat. All those gems were of much higher values per carat than most of officially precious individual stones, like diamonds, on the United States market.

                We present you the best jewelry you can buy online

                It is because from our long-distance travels we always bring the most unique, breathtaking, authentic and natural gemstones. Many of the "semiprecious" pieces of art are much more rare than the "precious four". You can be sure you have found the best online jewelry store site - we have got the most unique primeval gemstones - had we not been there, we would not have believed they were the works of Nature. Still, if the eye has not seen the Mexican fire opal, pietersite or agate - how one can say they are less beautiful or desirable than diamonds?

                Sterling silver frame to convey the gemstone's real beauty

                Kids love to keep their precious stones in their little love-locked fists, maybe it is because their magical imagination do not need any accessories. But we are aware that in the world of adults and responsibility the certainty becomes equally important, and due to this we decided to give them stable yet subtle sterling silver framework. Actually, the gemstone and its dress have to merge into perfect, inseparable whole, so you can choose in various styles - Victorian, Art Deco, Bohemian, Empire, Baroque, Ethnic or Abstract, dramatic or ephemeral. We do not want you to buy something from the high-street shop, that is not our philosophy.

                Artisan crafted jewelry - objects thrown into the future

                From the volcanic activity, from the dark depths of the oceans, shells of prehistorical creatures thousands and millions years ago the Nature began to prepare her special gifts for us.

                Stay in our jewelry online store for a while and take a trip to Madagascar, India, Australia, Siberia, Kenya or California. Step back in time and decide which of the art periods you would like to recapture, what mood you wish to foster - bold and adventurous like agate or opal, calm but masterful like sandstone or picture jasper, delicate and majestic like quartz or prehnite...

                Buy jewelry online - best quality only

                We do put every effort to make the silver gemstone jewelry you can buy in our online store something that will survive for ages. That is also why we use only the highest quality noble metal, such as sterling silver or platter, so the precious rocky heart would stand any adventure of its owner.

                Silver Rush - fair and best online jewelry store

                The gemstones originally were treasured not only as adornment, but also objects that could heal, add reason, ease pain, protect or encourage zest for life. People find joy in ascribing gemstones to particular Zodiac signs or birthday dates, so we listened to the wisest and created various sections in which our Guests and Clients can look for something they yet do not know, but will love soon. For women and men, young and younger at heart.

                We also guarantee the best possible prices. Welcome to Silver Rush Style.

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